In April 2018, the Syrian American Council (SAC) issued a press release thanking Trump, UK prime minister May, & French president Macron for airstrikes in Syria, urging them to continue bombing but to protect & prioritize the safety of civilians. It staggers the mind how those who deign to speak for the Syrian Arab Spring could make so many colossal political mistakes in just one brief message. Just like the corrupted antiwar movement has been unable to mobilize thousands to defend Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians, organizations like the SAC have been unable to mobilize thousands to defend US, UK, & European bombing of civilians. What doesn’t the SAC understand about US militarism? What don’t they understand about war when bombing civilians is fundamental to it? What don’t they understand about the counterrevolutionary role of the US, UK, & Europe in Syria to crush the Arab Spring? With the US bombing Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, what makes SAC think the US will intervene on the side of revolution?

The SAC does not represent a defense of the Syrian Arab Spring but a capitulation to US militarism. They don’t have the political sophistication of an American teenager who couldn’t find Syria on a map but knows that bombing civilians is not the way to bring peace.