If it were all just about raking in the ‘likes’ on social media, it would be the line of least resistance to swallow the Assadist poison & just gibber on about ‘regime change operations’ by Mossad & the CIA in Syria & the other Arab Spring uprisings. But it’s not about a worthless popularity. It’s about antiwar & human rights principles & above all about standing with those being vilified & turned into monsters & terrorists to serve the militarist interests of predatory nations like the US & Russia. You have to be willing to be in a minority of opinion. But in this case, the voices of oppression are the minority hellbent on shouting down the voices of emancipation represented by the Arab uprisings, by Palestinians, by Kashmiris, Uyghur, Rohingya. We have to be confident that if we stand on principle against hatred of Muslims, that in the not-so-long run, truth will triumph over the propaganda that turned a dictator into a champion of democracy.