“from kashmir all the multiple parties contesting in indian elections look the same, if you are in doubt, ask any one of them a single question: “Is Kashmir an integral part of india?” They will agree in unison and stand firm behind this core violent doctrine which has prevented Kashmiris for decades to exercise their right of self determination. The occupation of kashmir and therefore the resultant daily violence is openly or tacitly supported by every indian political party, transcending divisions like right, left, centre, hindu, muslim, brahmanical, non-brahmanical, progressive, aam, khaas, savarna, non-savarna etc, etc. If BJP is dislodged, the violence against kashmiris won’t stop, what might change is the rhetoric justifying the violence, instead of hard, shameless bravado there will be return of a more deceptive business-as-usual type terminological violence which Congress and others are more adept at.”

–Mir Laieeq