Reposted from February 23, 2018

It’s a curious thing, this preoccupation among libertarians about the bum rap Putin & Russia are allegedly getting from liberals. Paul Craig Roberts thinks “Russiaphobia Is out of control.” But then he’s also a white supremacist who thinks white people are victims of racism, hatred & discrimination. He’s a person of no intellectual consequence except that Assad supporters consider him a guru. Glenn Greenwald, the libertarian expert on everything in the universe & a regular on Fox News, also is concerned by baseless allegations against Russia. It does look like the Mueller investigation is politically off-base because meddling in US elections is not Russia’s greatest crime. Bombing civilians in Syria is Russia’s greatest crime & when you scratch beneath the surface what this rubbish is all about is defense of Russia’s military intervention in Syria to defend the Assad dictatorship.

When we evaluate politics & try to understand what is going on in Syria & elsewhere, the simple measure is: those who are bombing civilians are war criminals; those being bombed by Russia, Syria, & the US coalition are civilians, not “head-chopping jihadis”; & those rescuing those being bombed are freedom fighters.

Photo is a father in Afrin, Syria with his small son who was injured by Syrian & Russian bombing.

End the bombing of civilians in Syria. All foreign military forces out now.

(Photo by Ahmad Shafie Bilal/AFP/Getty Images)