A very good article by Loubna Mrie, a young Syrian woman, about the Syrian Arab Spring uprising against the Assad dictatorship & the development of the counterrevolution involving paramilitary forces, Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, & the US-coalition. Who have decidedly not been heard over the voices of Assad propagandists & their guppies in the antiwar & socialist movements are the voices of the hundreds of thousands who rose up against a brutal dictatorship. In Assadist propaganda which is rooted in ‘war on terror’ rhetoric, they have been reduced to “Wahhabi jihadi terrorists.” In 2011, when the uprising began, hundreds of videos documenting the massive protests against Assad were posted to social media. But that is also when the fascist journal Global Research began its thunderous campaign associating the uprising with terrorism & began to openly express the Muslim, Arab, & Jew-hating that informs its politics. It remains the central voice of the counterrevolution today.