There are those who take great umbrage at social critics who they believe are unreasonably critical of politicians, who won’t accept the ‘lesser evil’ ethos in US politics nor in any other country because ‘lesser evil’ operates to teach us patience, compromise, temporizing when it comes to oppression–especially the oppression of others. If there are not those, especially among the oppressed, who will not stand for compromise on human rights & refuse to temporize, there would be no social change. The barbaric conditions of the world today are the result of compromise, not intransigence in the struggle against oppression.

Maybe the privileged want to take their time with injustice faced by others. Many of us find that more collusive than combative when children around the world are suffering the unimaginable. So temporize away if you like. But please stop calling us out as pointless idealists. As far as can be told, it’s the dreamers doing the work while the realists are fawning over the latest lesser evil politician coming down the pike.