Kashmiri novelist & journalist Mirza Waheed on the long history of Indian occupation forces using torture & extrajudicial executions in Kashmir:

“A young school teacher, Rizwan, was tortured to death in Kashmir. Now he is being blamed for his death. Torture in Kashmir is quite probably the most underreported story of the last thirty years. It’s systemic, endemic, and mostly unknown to the world.

If you really want to understand what goes on in Kashmir, look up “Kashmir’s Torture Trail”, Jezza Neumann’s award-winning documentary. You’ll be shocked, you’ll be disturbed, but you will have seen pictures of truth. Of course, not a single media house in India, newspapers and TV channels included, had the courage or journalistic integrity to show the documentary. In the documentary, you will see a man who survived forced cannibalism. He will show you his horrific scars and you must see them even if it spoils your day.

The Indian state has done unspeakable things to the Kashmiri body over the years. Just because a media, in full ideological accord with the state when it comes to Kashmir, won’t show it, does not mean it did not happen. Rizwan’s torture and murder is a consequence of the long and shameful silence over torture in Kashmir.”