“Mehbooba Mufti didn’t flinch when she spearheaded the mass blinding and killing of Kashmiris in 2016. Instead she aced the art of genocide cheerleading by blaming the deceased for dying. Now that she remains out of power, she has self appointed herself as a Messiah of humanity. Her comments and comments of Omar Abdullah on New Zealand attack have no moral value. They’re criminals, terrorists , sadists who consume human flesh and create human suffering. For me there’s no difference between Brenton Tarrant, the lead suspect in the Christchurch mosque terror attacks, and that of Omar, Mehbooba and their ilks in occupied Kashmir, only that Omar and Mehbooba are unlikely to be prosecuted for their war crimes. Let that sink in.”

–Reposting this comment by Zachriah Sulayman because it is said so much more powerfully than I ever could.