“India continues to be a “Utopia”, a “Paradise” for its minorities especially its Muslims, and everyday we get such reminders. Ask Muzzafarnagar’s Akhter Ansari; his two sons, Nawab and Shahid, were killed during the 2013 pogrom. Ashfaq, his other surviving son, was a witness to his brothers’ murder. On Monday in the broad daylight, Ashfaq was also shot dead! Broken and devastated, and in a way echoing the feelings of all the suppressed Muslims in India, Akhter Ansari says: “For us, the riots are still on.” All hail the “Secular Democracy!” Keep celebrating “Jashn-e-Rekhta” and “Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb!” Keep singing “Vande Mataram!” as everything is fine.”

–Basharat Shameem