The NY Times reports that “India‚Äôs armed forces are in alarming shape” using “vintage” equipment & with only ten days of ammunition. There’s no downside to that. But it doesn’t accord with the Indian occupation of Kashmir nor the martial activities of the Indian Army within India. India reportedly trucks in caravans just of pellet munitions to depots in Kashmir. It has billions of dollars in arms deals with Israel & Russia, & an updated military alliance with the US. Perhaps what they mean is that Indian air power is outdated making it difficult to carry on a bombing war with Pakistan. Maybe Indian government officials are stealing right & left from the military coffers. Any limitations in India’s ability to wage war with Pakistan are a good thing. But they seem to have no shortage of Indian soldiers to use as cannon fodder against Kashmiris, Indians, & Pakistanis.

No war against Pakistan. India out of Kashmir.