“Minnesota nice” is a term used to describe the passive-aggressive culture where I grew up in the northern state of Minnesota. That isn’t just due to its primarily Northern European ancestry but because genocide against & ongoing oppression of Native Americans is part of the fabric of the culture—albeit every attempt to repress consciousness of that reality. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar who just announced her candidacy for president is the very essence of Minnesota nice. Shy & diffident for the cameras, she is notoriously abusive with her staff & has the highest staff turnover rate in the entire US Congress. She was the county attorney that prosecuted about 50 animal rights protesters, including myself, for protesting experimentation on live animals in 2001. She’s a careerist & opportunist who will play the populist to garner votes but is fundamentally committed to the status quo, not to social justice. Tank her candidacy before it has time to take off.