Since this is my 53rd year as a political activist in most of the US social movements, allow me to share a life lesson (one of many) from my experience: never lie in politics. Don’t exaggerate, misrepresent, or make things up to serve your point of view, & always do your homework. Once you start lying, you’re on the well-trodden slippery slope to corruption. You may not always be right & when you are not, you must correct yourself so you are not lying to yourself as well as others. But take my word for it, when you start lying, it becomes politically habitual, even necessary to cover your ass, & in the long-run you lose all credibility even with those who agree with you. If no one can trust your word, it’s time to retire from politics & take up golf. And one more thing: always stand your ground & do not allow yourself to be silenced or bullied in the interests of the oppressed.