Senator Mitch McConnell scheduled another vote for this afternoon on an unconstitutional bill encouraging states to punish people for supporting the economic & cultural boycott of Israel for colonialism, apartheid, & genocide against the Palestinian people (BDS). This is not just a direct assault on Palestinian justice but on the US Bill of Rights. BDS is now directly linked to the entire Bill of Rights, the foundation of US democracy.

If we do not move into action with rallies, protests, forums, & coalitions to overturn these laws, we will soon be pledging allegiance to apartheid Israel, spending time in jail for posts like this, & fighting a rearguard battle for free speech & freedom of association. When we did not organize to protest violations of the Bill of Rights in the Black community, we set the stage for this eventuality. It is long-since time to organize.

(Photo is of Black Mountain in Belfast in the occupied six counties in the north of Ireland)