We trust this photo of Tulsi Gabbard with Miriam Adelson & Shmuley Boteach will silence all support for her due to her alliances with these arch-Zionists as well as with Islamophobes, Hindutva nationalists, anti-Semites, Assadists, homophobes, & haters of all kinds. It was taken in May 2016 at a gala dinner sponsored by Boteach where he gave Gabbard his “Champion of Freedom” award.
Miriam Adelson is the spouse of Sheldon who are among the wealthiest & most rabid Zionists in the world. Although she was born in Palestine before the violent formation of Israel, she has called Palestinians “an invented people” whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel & she opposes any negotiations that get in the way of the annexation of all of Palestine. As the publishers of Israel Hayom, a pro-Netanyahu newspaper in Israel, they are supporters of apartheid & genocide & of course endorsed & bankrolled Trump for US president. In return, Trump gave her his Presidential Medal of Freedom award last November.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the author of “The Israel Warrior: Fighting Back for the Jewish State from Campus to Street Corner” which is considered a “must read” by the amoral Zionist & accused pedophile Alan Dershowitz.

Reluctant & misguided Assadists need beware: you have to be real careful in politics when you march with the devil. Usually they lead you to political perdition.

(Photo tweeted by Shmuley Boteach on May 17, 2016)