So many of you must be disappointed that more pressing matters caused me to neglect my usual commentary on Betty Windsor’s annual Christmas address. Privilege has not served our girl well spiritually or intellectually & her Christmas greetings are always a cornucopia of limp-assed egalitarian pretenses, banalities, & non sequiturs. Mostly the latter. In one address she linked WWII to Jesus in the manger–& that was the most cohesive part of it.
This year, sitting in front of a gold-gilded piano, she spoke of the importance of respect for others–at the same time that her courtiers were plundering the public coffers for the entire moochocracy to live lavishly off the dole without an ounce of shame. She must not have had time for her usual barrage of platitudes since People magazine tells us she had a full holiday schedule: on Wednesday, she had lunch; on Thursday, she went on vacation; & on Sunday, she went to church. A regular whirligig of activity without even time for her usual trifectas at the track.
If there’s one thing the British moochocracy doesn’t know a damn thing about, it’s respect for others–except those of high economic & social stature. Our Betty’s heritage is colonialism of unspeakable violence & British militarism & neoliberal policies which continue that tradition. The most exuberant enthusiasts for the British moochocracy are American media who haven’t gotten the message about the American Revolution–or for that matter, the Irish freedom struggle, the Indian, Asian, & South Asian anti-colonial struggles, the African freedom struggles, & those in the Caribbean. All those American journalists see is gold, glitter, & pomp galore & they go gaga for feudalism
Down with feudalism. Find the moochocrats gainful employment. Give Betty a few books to read about something other than trifecta strategies.
(Photo of Betty giving her 2018 address by REX/Shutterstock)