But of course not a single Rohingya volunteered to return to Burma without ironclad protections against the genocidaires. What is monstrous is that Burmese & Bangladeshi officials threatened people still recovering from unspeakable criminality through such an ordeal until the last minute before scrapping the plan. Psycho Suu Kyi & the generals are probably having a good laugh at the Rohingya’s expense. Monsters!

Thousands of Rohingya protested in the camps & at the border with Burma, chanting they will not go back. No plans of any kind can be made about Rohingya lives without their direct participation. They alone have the right to formulate demands, conditions, & who they will negotiate with.

It is a giant relief today that they will not be forcibly deported but their ordeal won’t be over till Sheikh Hasina also dumps plans to deport them to barracks on a deserted island. They are human beings, not cattle, & have no intention of being treated as such.