I harbor no soft spots for Democrats & haven’t voted for one since 1968 when my local precinct voted against the Vietnam War & endorsed pro-war presidential candidate Humbert Humphrey. Such unprincipled contradictions are not tolerable to me, especially over matters of war & the Palestinians. But I do not recall such raging hatred for them as there is now. Maybe the hatred for LB Johnson came close because of the Vietnam War but Bill Clinton, Carter, & Kennedy faced no such personal animosity despite their bellicose policies. Republicans did face such hatred–like Nixon, Reagan, the two Bushes. It often appears an irrational hatred, not rooted in their policies & my suspicion is that it’s because Obama is Black & Clinton a woman that hatred has crescendoed to such a fever pitch among rightwingers & among those who regard themselves as progressive. It’s just racism & misogyny enraged by seeing Blacks & women in positions of power. And that is damn repugnant. Or am I wrong?