Amnesty International is the first human rights group to protest Israel’s new zero tolerance policy against unarmed protesters at the apartheid barrier in Gaza. Between March 13th & September 24th, Israeli snipers killed 200 Palestinians & injured 18,000, some of them with permanent disabilities, simply for protesting against the blockade of Gaza & for the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Most sane minds would consider that a zero tolerance policy for Palestinian rights. But for Israeli politicians, it is not deadly enough & on Friday the Security Cabinet instructed the army to “gradually exacerbate its retaliatory actions” against unarmed Palestinians. This is a mandate for escalating genocide.

We must respond internationally to Israel’s provocation with rallies, forums, & protests of every kind. Too many Palestinians have died or been disabled for us to stand silent. The zero tolerance policy is a call to arms for those around the world who support Palestinian justice.