Many are still polemicizing against the “western left” for supporting the Assad dictatorship & Russian & Iranian intervention in Syria. Who is this left they’re excoriating? The Stalinists, libertarians, & guppies who are marching lockstep with fascists, Islamophobes, & anti-Semites? Tariq Ali & Noam Chomsky who haven’t had an original idea in over 30 years? Journalists like Robert Fisk who travel embedded with the Syrian army just like Assad propagandists Bartlett & Beeley? John Pilger whose blow-hardism is finally catching up with him? Seymour Hersh whose conservative politics are finally catching up with him? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are quite a few Indian leftists who also support Assad & Putin. This corruption is not isolated in the global north because Stalinism is a global derangement. There hasn’t been a left movement anywhere for a long time so stop using the generic term “western left” to define political corruption & start naming names.