Syrian child of Idlib RIP Sept 5 2018

Some comments from Assad’s guppy squad on the terror bombing of three-million civilians in Idlib–comments which can only be called the glorification of terror bombing & mass slaughter. Such are the politics of Stalinism, fascism, Islamophobia, & anti-Semitism which are the essence of Assadism:

“Roasted jihadis anyone?”

“Kill them all.”

“This time I hope they give no quarter to the terrorists. This is the last refuge for those head chopping butchers. Take no prisoners.”

“This is a well planned & calculated liberation of Idlib not like how reckless the US butchery in Yemen is.”

“These terrorists are ISRAHEL Armies. Bolshevic Jews.”

Photo is Syrian child killed yesterday in Syrian & Russian terror bombing of Idlib.

(Photo from several Syrian sources on FB)