Now here in spades is the problem with posting unsubstantiated claims. You hand the Zionists a weapon to discredit the Palestinian struggle against apartheid & genocide. It took them less than 24 hours to go on the offensive against the claim that this soldier was the sniper who assassinated Razan al-Najjar so that now the narrative is about this deceit rather than the death of Razan. Those who posted it refused to take it down because it received thousands of likes & shares. You cannot sacrifice factual reporting for likes & shares on social media because this is what happens. The soldier claims she hasn’t been in the Israeli military for a few years & is now receiving death threats. Who knows what the truth is? But it must be said that human rights activists do not approve of threatening the lives of political opponents. That is not how we operate. Now for sure, Zionists will attempt to drown out Palestinian grief over the loss of a beautiful soul by defending this militarist from false charges. Hopefully, those who fell victim to this shameful deceit will learn to query such serious accusations & not just like & share them like the gospel truth.