In researching an article for the political affinities between the Palestinian & Kashmiri struggles, I found an article not to the point of my article but of interest about the Israeli economy–which will turn out to be the Achilles heel of the Zionist state. In my youth, Zionists often said Israel was a socialist country which it most certainly never was. But the state did provide considerable social services for settlers. They no longer use that rhetoric & anyway things have changed, especially as Netanyahu more aggressively employs neoliberal economic policies, including privatizing state-owned industries & eliminating or reducing pension & welfare systems. Those changes & reduced expectations will shake up the consciousness of working people leading many to question the viability of the Zionist political agenda. There will be polarization with some choosing a more rightwing perspective, especially those rabid settlers in the West Bank, but many will also be open to Palestinian justice & the proposal for a democratic secular state where Palestinians & Jews are equals. Class will be a decisive factor in the outcome of this struggle.