Antisemitism these days isn’t quite like it was up to the holocaust. But it’s still repugnant as hell. This mental habit of writing off an entire group of people based on stereotypes is a real piece of work & it damn sure has no place in transformational politics. When I came of age in politics, some of my best teachers were Jews & internationalists. Jews were a disproportionate number of progressive activists because of their own history of persecution which was brutal. They weren’t obsessed with being Jewish because their vision of humanity was universal. If you think for one moment you can trash Jews in any way on my wall, you’re dead wrong. For no reason I understand, not only my best teachers but my most beloved friends have been Jewish & it would be unthinkable I would ever demean their ancestry in any way. Not just because I love & admire them but because they are/were wonderful people. So please don’t make me censor your comments. That’s a bottom line on my wall regarding any ethnic or religious group. Learn to respect them or keep your damn mouth shut.