Cindy Sheehan was never a deeply political person but mostly a grieving mother who lost her son when he was deployed in Iraq. Without any real political grounding, she’s been publicly pronouncing the US antiwar movement dead for several years & substitutes grandstanding gestures for proposals or activities to rebuild the movement. Basically she’s isn’t a movement builder but is at heart a grandstander. She has mocked & denounced every single protest against Trump’s policies, including the international Women’s March 2017 & 2018 which took place on every continent & were broader than US politics. Now she’s called a “March on the Pentagon Women’s March (Give a Shit)” for October which is only endorsed by Assad supporters & other halfwits. It’s a thoroughly sectarian & elitist operation which counterposes itself to the over three-million women who marched in the Women’s March. As the queen of the operation, Sheehan claims they will refuse money to build the march from liberals–although how it will vet which donors are liberals & which are the halfwits is not known. If Sheehan were a movement builder, she would know that liberals have bankrolled & been the majority of every social movement of the past 70 years, from civil rights to women’s rights to the antiwar movement. Why would you exclude people opposed to war just because they are liberals? Do they not play a significant role in politics? Have they not always? Don’t you think they are as needed as anyone in trying to make this world a suitable place to live? Let us be frank: they have, they do, & they will play a central role in social movements whereas the fascists & misanthropes Sheehan is aligned with are only a brake on social change.