Watched the 2008 movie “Traitor” written by the comedian Steve Martin & some other guy & starring Don Cheadle as a Black American Muslim who operates as a bomb maker & undercover US agent in Islamic terrorist groups. If you know how ponderous & humorless Martin has become in real life, the dead weight of this Islamophobic travesty won’t surprise you. It sets the mood for treacherous Arabs & Muslims with Arabic music, a long-time, tiresome Hollywood cliché. The Kasbah effect & all that. The movie seems to have no other purpose, since it certainly wasn’t an entertaining thriller, than to create distrust of Muslims, with or without the veil, who are your next door neighbors in America. When you read through the mile long list of credits, there aren’t more than a handful of Arabic names so you wonder why Martin & the other schnook wrote about things–like terrorist cells, undercover operations, Islam, & Arabs–which in truth they know little about. Color the damn thing Islamophobic propaganda & don’t waste your time like I did even if it’s free on Roku.