I’m being asked by several to write about justice for little Asifa, the child so brutally raped, mutilated & murdered in Jammu. It’s a very important case. There is also compelling news about what is happening with the Rohingya struggle, with hunt to kill operations in Kashmir, with Palestinian protests, & with those several wars. In Syria, we are in the end times of the Syrian revolution, a watershed moment in human history as the last standing Arab Spring uprising is being defeated & at a time signifying the collapse of old political paradigms & the emboldenment of fascism. The real stuff of fascism, not just rightwing conservatism. To my mind, it is necessary to report about the issues & disputes involved in the Syrian struggle, even though they sound factional, because we cannot rebuild principled movements if we do not understand where we failed. What happens in Syria will dramatically impact all other political struggles. That’s how important it is. Believe me, I will try to report on as much as I can. At no time, do I consider little Asifa & all the other human struggles to be of secondary importance.