“There is no civil society in India, there never has been. It is not even a fucking country if we think seriously. It is futile to hope that voices from India will ever amplify to force their government to stop the colonial-genocidal project in Kashmir. For a large number of Indians, Kashmir is a prized trophy, a ‘paradise’ which they will never want to part with.

With the right wing government in power and its equally monstrous media wings injecting poison of majoritarian nationalism into the arteries of India, the hate against the ‘anti national’ Kashmiris is rising to unprecedented levels. Not that their ‘secular-liberal’ predecessors were any better, they indeed laid the foundational doctrines of Indian occupation of Kashmir.

The colonial-genocidal project in Kashmir has clearly exposed the ugly underbelly of the original idea of India and it is here in Kashmir this oppressive empire will find its graveyard. Inshallah.”

–Mir Laieeq