This is a useful article about an investigation, more a sting operation, about a “cash for coverage” deal bribing Indian media sources to promote the Hindutva nationalist political agenda. Reminiscent of the CIA planting false stories to promote their nefarious agenda & create false realities. One can’t go all paranoid about reading mainstream media or you’ll end up a cynic or nihilist. Any researcher worth reading reads plenty & learns plenty from reading mainstream media, especially when so-called alternative media is filled with just as much rubbish, plus paranoidal nihilism. Reality is concrete & can be understood. Conspiracy theories are mostly unverifiable & filled with evil monsters. No one speaks ex cathedra. So it’s useful to learn how to use media, how to study a complex issue, how to sort the wheat from the chaff from information sources which have a bias & point of view even if they are not promoting planted stories or Hindutva, Zionist, Islamophobic, Anti-Semitic, or white supremacist ideas.