As thousands of civilians evacuate Eastern Ghouta, Assad propagandists & their fellow travelers gloat triumphal about the glorious Syrian army, forgetting to mention the power of carpet bombing civilians.

This moving video was an expression of solidarity with the Syrian revolution from Kashmiris in December 2016 at the fall of east Aleppo to Assad forces allied with Russian & Iranian forces. Unarmed civilians were no match for squadrons of bombers & special forces. This is not a requiem but a tribute to the Syrian revolution against dictatorship. Kashmiris understand setbacks in struggle against tyranny. They also understand revolutionary commitment to freedom.

Fascist triumphalism against the popular revolutions of the Arab Spring is premature. Social revolutions are tectonic struggles & we know that true because massive military repression & incarceration, massacres, carpet bombing, military intervention by several foreign militaries, along with the complicity of the corrupt antiwar movement have been necessary to crush them in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, & Syria. They will rise again but they can only succeed by rebuilding antiwar & solidarity movements on a principled basis.