Marxist academic Moishe Postone on the lack of action against carnage in Syria. Postone died on March 19th, 2018:

“I’m very suspicious of reifying movements in national terms.

The Middle East is slightly different and that has to do with the unfortunate long history of the ideological cold war in the Middle East.

I don’t know where to find here, certainly in the US, on college campuses…to the degree to which there is, any movement about anything in the Middle East, it always is exclusively about Israel.

Not that Israel, especially the regime of the last ten years shouldn’t be very strongly criticized, but it’s not the point. My point is, I haven’t seen one movement about Syria.This is the greatest slaughter of people we’ve seen since the Second World War.

Assad has killed at least 300-355 thousand people…Nothing to say……You’d think that after the beginning in Syria of the democratic uprising that was, with incredible brutality, put down by the Assad regime, You’d think that would ring a bell. So I think that large parts of the left have essentially lost their theoretical acumen, their political analysis and their moral compass.”