Miri Wood, a pseudonym for admittedly one of the more deranged elements among Assad supporters, has issued this statement in her little obscure blog which is indistinguishable from a third-rate satiric rag or Vanessa Beeley’s latest fulminations about dolls:

“Law enforcement should apprehend al Qaeda White Helmets, worldwide. They should be indicted for crimes against humanity & tried in The Hague, or they should be returned to Syria to be prosecuted for torture, kidnappings, & mass murders of Syrian citizens, including children & soldiers. al-Qaeda is rightfully considered a terrorist gang by most countries in the world….Also indictable are the warmongering journalists who breach the Nuremberg Statute prohibiting crimes against peace.”

Returned to Syria from where they’re hiding in Texas or Kansas but indicted for rescuing civilians from rubble in Syria? Associated with al Qaeda as their medical suppliers? Alas poor Miri should keep hiding behind that pseudoynm & herself consider going into hiding until the smell of this stinking lie blows over. God willing she won’t choose Texas where we have enough nut jobs on our hands–& they’re packing.