This is a really important political campaign against India’s policy of forcibly disappearing Kashmiri dissidents. This group was co-founded & is led by Parveena Ahangar whose own son was disappeared. Kashmiri human rights activists, including Parveena & Khurram Parvez, play an important international role in exposing & campaigning against the monstrous crime of forcible disappearance.

It doesn’t have to be explained how critical this campaign is since disappearance is used in close to 50 countries as a way to punish dissidents (including with torture), execute them (often in the most grotesque ways), punish & demoralize the families, & terrorize the population for the purpose of ending resistance to persecution, repression, war, occupation, genocide.

Please like & share this wall & follow its posts. Not to be a nudge, but out of my many friends, only 206 follow this page. The grief of losing a beloved through disappearance is one of the most profound & wrenching of all human losses & is a priority human rights issue. In Kashmir alone, the estimate of disappeared since 1989 is between 8,000 & 10,000 people.