The Nation endorses Bernie Sanders; editors find selves in accord with his stinking politics

In an editorial that went on for miles–trying to compensate in sheer poundage what it lacked in content & throwing up a smokescreen of flatulence–The Nation magazine endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. They’re calling for a political revolution against all that is evil but will never require them to get off their asses to achieve. They huff & they puff. Just don’t ask them to do anything since life under capitalism is going pretty well for them.

In keeping with the lowbrow journal’s usual politics, Sanders’ xenophobia about immigration (which he says will destroy the nation-state), his indifference to the war against Black youth, his support for Israeli apartheid, his support for war & in particular drone bombing do not concern them because he talks a good game about inequality.

To justify their endorsement, they provide a list of accomplishments which he does not possess & will always, win or lose, remain in the realm of campaign rhetoric–& which do not distinguish themselves from Clinton’s rhetoric. They claim “critics of Bernie Sanders dismiss him as an idealist.” What fools such critics be! How do you get from xenophobia & apartheid to idealism?

They say he promotes a “bold agenda”, as did their man Obama before him with all that hopey-changey stuff & look what that led to: several more US bombing campaigns & troop deployments–& Guantanamo is still open.

Perhaps The Nation should give up pretensions as a journal of social criticism since they’re way over their heads when it comes to the criticism part & are so much better at gossip. They can have Bernie Sanders. We’re just so relieved they passed over Scully & Bach.