There’s a fellow from Canada who once argued on my wall that there are two sides to the occupation of Kashmir. Now he’s arguing there are two sides to the US occupation & bombing of Afghanistan. Stupid is international. There’s always somebody somewhere who won’t side unequivocally with the oppressed because it doesn’t pay that well & you’re not welcome in elite circles. Fox News will never ask for your opinion. The majority of humanity are a different kind of person & the heart & soul of social transformation.

Despite the weakness & corruption of the US antiwar movement, the majority of Americans have long opposed US wars, including in Afghanistan. We have to rebuild the antiwar movement in the US & internationally with that in mind. There is nothing more imperative. War, occupation, genocide are not just issues on a par with other demanding social issues but are preeminent. We can integrate all other social issues into protests in solidarity with those in the crucibles of war, occupation, genocide. Such are the highest traditions of antiwar protest around the world.