In yesterday’s school massacre in Florida where 17 were killed & in five other school shoot-ups, an AR-15 assault rifle was used. In an apparent non sequitur, a so-called terrorist expert on the morning news called for more censorship on social media. She also said that while the AR-15 should not be in the hands of civilians, it is absolutely necessary for US soldiers overseas. Therein lies the problem. When ‘might becomes right’ at the barrel of a gun & s/he who carries the rifle has the upper hand against unarmed civilians, a poisonous national ethos festers that rots militarist societies at their roots. The historic mission of our era is to oppose militarism & root out that ethos from our consciousness & cultures. The future of humanity depends upon our commitment to that mission.

May the 17 kids in Florida Rest In Peace. May all victims of war, occupation, persecution, & genocide Rest In Peace.