Gearoid (rhymes with hemorrhoid) O Colmain is an Irish propagandist of the Catholic fascist tradition who holds Stalin, Bishop Fulton Sheen (a ferocious anti-communist during the McCarthy era), Putin, Assad, Duterte, Suu Kyi & the Burmese generals in the highest regard. His profile picture is the ruthless Albanian Stalinist Enver Hoxha. He is a co-thinker of Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley who publicly support & post his views on Syria & the Rohingya genocide.

This is his latest contribution to political thought: “The Spanish Inquisition is a dark legend created by fanatical Judeo-Protestants to demonise the Church. Spanish missionaries worked miracles in South America. Many of the myths and legends about Spanish brutality were based on faulty sources.”

There are many who might want to reconsider association with such debased & racist ideas.