“Is our blood so cheap that it is spilled over like water? On our land and by ramming our homes, these brutal indian occupying forces intoxicated with the might of power, are assassinating our generations. For how long will we endure this barbarism ? For how long shall we become victims of the nefarious tactics of these deceitful pro-Indian politicians ?

India through the might of their forces and with the support of puppet rulers here are fighting a war with the Kashmiri Muslims. On the borders against the powerful forces, their might looks so feeble that it is mussled to the ground, and they shower this prevailing anger on the Kashmiris. We through unity have to fight and stop these addled powers. And make them aware that our blood is not so cheap that a low-grade man in uniform will keep on spilling it over. May Allah bestow our martyrs with Jannah!!”

–Sameer Ul Haq