On the one hand, accusing activists like me of pandering to Muslims or supporting Islamic terrorists is amusing. On the other hand, it isn’t amusing one whit because of the force of Islamophobia as a political weapon & battle cry in war, occupation, & genocide. Part of the issue is the outright persecution of Islam but the heart of it today is that Muslims have been in the forefront of struggle for democracy from Palestine & the Arab Spring uprisings to Kashmir to Arakan state to the massive military counterrevolutions in Syria & Yemen.

If you don’t recognize that harsh glaring reality, then it’s likely you don’t understand much at all about what’s going on in the world & that you will, like so many well-meaning lost souls, end up supporting Syrian, Russian, or even Saudi coalition & US coalition bombing of civilians. Is it a coincidence do you think that anti-Semitism often combines with Islamophobia, especially in Syria? If you don’t recognize these orchestrated nationalist & racist hatreds, you end up on the side of holocausts as in Germany & now in Syria, Yemen, Arakan state.