We need to have what media calls a ‘conversation’ about censorship on social media. Many believe that since Twitter, Facebook, et al, are privately owned, we are not legally entitled to free speech. That in fact is the legal norm in employment, at least in the US where those social media operations are based. One can be fired for their political beliefs even though legal inroads were made against that following the McCarthy witch-hunt era. For the past several years we have watched the steady encroachment of countries demanding social media censor on their behalf. Most egregiously that includes India, Israel, the US, but also China, Russia, & other repressive countries. It seems to me that allowing regimes to dictate censorship on social media creates a legal opening for civil libertarians to oppose that censorship by whatever means necessary–from building international & public opposition to it up to litigating against it.

Some argue that we need an alternative venue to meet & exchange collaboration but why should we be driven out of the place where we can best broaden our campaigns to involve others? Hell no, we won’t go without a fight.