Trump wants 5,000 more US Border Patrol agents for the southern border but the Border Patrol has a morale & detention problem–& not because the pay is low or their lives are endangered by refugees. Last year, the head of the Border Patrol told Congress there were 7,542 assaults on agents since 2006 & 30 agents killed in the line of duty since 2003. No offense, but our man is going to have to justify those figures which are anyway dwarfed by the number of refugees who die trying to cross the militarized border. By the US government’s own accounting, between 300 & 500 refugees die every year at the US-Mexico border from exposure, including heat stroke, dehydration, & hyperthermia. It’s a gruesome & bereft way to die. It’s entirely possible that young recruits to the Border Patrol can’t stomach being foot soldiers against desperate & poor refugees looking for work & a better life.