Gaza children killed in 2014

This is a wall with the names of Palestinian children killed in Israel’s 2014 bombing offensive of Gaza. Actually, there were at least 495 children killed so this is only just over half of them. Such a memorial gives immediacy & makes personal the devastating loss of life. Over 2,200 Palestinians were killed; 11,000 were wounded, including with permanent disabilities; 20,000 homes were destroyed & 500,000 people were displaced. Israel admits to 5,226 airstrikes over seven weeks in an area of 360 kmĀ² (139 sq. miles). Israeli citizens waved flags & watched all this sitting in lawn chairs sucking down beers in the hills of Sderot just a mile from the Gaza border.

Reality puts in perspective all the US-Israel malarkey about Palestinians obstructing peace talks. Support Palestinians by checking the label on every product you buy to make sure its country of origin is not Israel.