Trump talking through his ass & Nikki Haley talking through her clenched teeth said the US will suspend millions in dollars of aid to Palestinians unless they agree to peace negotiations with Israel. The monumental cynicism & dishonesty of that threat is breathtaking. The corrupt Mahmoud Abbas & other PA officials may get millions to pay for mansions & an aristocratic lifestyle in return for selling Palestinian self-determination down the drain but Palestinian working people get squat. When the US bankrolls the military occupation, expropriation of Palestinian lands & new Israeli settlements, the brutalization of Palestinian protesters including teens & little kids, the incarceration of protesters including teens & little kids, & the carpet bombing of Gaza, it is odious that the US would attempt to lay the onus for conflict on Palestinians.

Stand with the Palestinians who have endured 70 years of vilification & damn lies about their freedom struggle. Honor the economic boycott by checking every product you buy to make sure its country of origin is not Israel. The only possible peace is a democratic secular state where Palestinians & Jews will live as brothers & sisters.