Burmese Buddhist & dissident Maung Zarni speaking in his usual blunt-spoken way:

“Lord Buddha was right. His followers will degenerate into suicidal shit-heads.

“The so-called Buddhist majorities in these places themselves succumb to the cancer of “Buddhist” nationalism, which is an oxymoron because in textual & philosophical Buddhism there is no such thing as “essentialized & real” Me, or You, let alone “my country” “my state” “my government”. It was Gotama himself who is believed to have prophesised that Buddhism will be destroyed by its own adherents. I think he is right: these Theraveda Buddhist societies are destroying themselves as they attempt to subjugate, colonialise or otherwise destroy their scapegoats–be they Eelam Tamils, Southern Thais of Malay ancestry or Myanmar Rohingyas.””