Eventually I did get that selfie video of myself done & it was a disaster. Its purpose was to promote the Rohingya solidarity rally tomorrow in McAllen, Texas so there could be no blunders. The video was so bad I was making plans to pull up stakes & move across country to avoid embarrassment when my wonderful friend Elena Ledesma Rashid phoned & asked how it was going. She has played a significant role in getting the rally pulled together. She offered late evening to meet me at the mosque to make the video to help me & because she wanted it done right to build the rally. She & her young daughter met me at 8:00 at night & got it done. I just want to thank her publicly for being a kind friend & a champion of the Rohingya. The last time I talked about her was when she & her husband went to Orlando after the shoot-up at the club to stand in solidarity with the victims. That’s the kind of person she is.