Reposting this from September 15th, 2016 whilst Kashmiris were sustaining a brutal siege by the Indian army–although the distinctions between siege & day-to-day life are not evident. It has relevance also to the genocide against the Rohingya people:

“The monstrous military siege in Kashmir has now gone on for 10 weeks. It kicks the crap out of those just following & reporting about it. I would say that it must be a ‘living hell’ for Kashmiris but the metaphor seems inadequate.

These horrors are also going on in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan & so many other places.

Humanity has the capacity to organize, mobilize, & put an end to this reign of military terror & that remains our historic mission which no generation & no battle fatigue can exempt us from.

Rebuild the international antiwar movement. Solidarity is the iron law of social transformation.”