Counterpunch again comes out swinging in defense of Rohingya genocide

Counterpunch published an article titled “America’s Long War: US Tightens the Noose on China” by a guy named Sean Stinson where he accused the persecuted Uighur Muslims of China & the Rohingya Muslims of being “insurgents backed by Western political interests, receiving arms & training from the usual sources”–meaning, of course, by the CIA. He said: “Playing the role of agents provocateur in the latest round of psy-ops, their violent crimes against the local Buddhist population have provoked brutal counter attacks against ethnic Muslims across the country–violence which the “international community” blames on the Burmese authorities.” How does that accord with Israel’s sale of weapons to the Burmese generals? Because if there is one thing we know for sure, it is that libertarian rednecks hate Israel based not on support for Palestinians but on a profound anti-Semitism. So are they on the same side as Israel in the genocide against the Rohingya people?

Counterpunch is not a progressive journal but a genocide denier. It is filled with Islamophobic hatred & paranoia & should be used for cleaning up horse manure.