The two Rhodesian Ridgebacks now jump the fence & roam the neighborhood day & night, including barking in the wee hours of the morning. Neighbors are up in arms, reporting that they chased the ice cream lady twice & she had to be rescued; that they entered a neighbor’s yard with small children; & that some won’t allow their little kids to play outside for fear of the dogs. I get that.

The shelters are over-capacity because of Houston flood rescues & none will take them. The available shelter is a kill shelter. Since both tested heart worm positive, it’s likely they won’t be put up for adoption even though one is treated for them until next year & one is on treatments. They will either be euthanized or sent to labs for research.

The other option is to try to return them to the place of business where they hung out as abandoned dogs & work on getting them adopted. I’m asking dog lovers what they think is the best option since shelters will not take them & I cannot keep them.