Sophie the Schnauzer who’s smart enough to go to college figured out a way to jump the fence around the yard & would take the four new rescues with her. Two are close to 70 pounds (32 kg) & the two bambinos are about 25 pounds (11 kg) each. By the time I figured out where they were jumping, the entire neighborhood was up in arms threatening to call animal control. They were likely afraid of the two galoots. It took me two days to find where they were jumping & build a barrier wall to keep them in.

Wouldn’t you know, Sophie found a way around my new barrier wall & took them all out this morning. I repaired the weak spot & tried to corral the dogs back in the yard with treats & threats but they were on a roll. Meanwhile, I had an appointment to meet someone & couldn’t be late. So off I went with two dogs still running the neighborhood. I figured animal control didn’t work Sundays if the neighbors called them & the dogs would come back to where the food got dished out.

On the way home I saw an animal control truck out & thought my goose was cooked but lo & behold, Sophie & Gustavo the galoot had broken through the front fence barricade to get back in the yard. For their own safety they have to get on a caravan north for adoption but the hurricane threat also made me realize the problem of evacuating with twelve dogs & nine birds in one small car. News reported that in Houston a lot of those being rescued are family pets left behind when people fled the flooding.