Behind all the racist bravado Trump displayed in Phoenix is a man squirming because he knows forces beyond his control have the criminal dirt on him. Not the deep state–there is no such thing–but a section of the capitalists who are watching this unhinged guy create a fiasco & a farce of the presidency. What were they thinking when they let him take the election?

Psychologically, if he didn’t know his goose was cooked, do you think he would be so reckless & out of control, alienating the very people he needs to carry off a rightwing move to the right in US politics? It’s like death throes or standing on the deck of the Titanic whistling dixie. This is a slow motion takedown but he is coming down because he discredits the mythology about the presidency. We are held captive by a demented antisocial narcissist but there is little gratification in knowing how torturous it is for him as he waits for the exposures about his personal & political corruption to hit the news. They will go over every sordid detail like a cat playing with a mouse & for months. Most of us just want it over already. A cardiac event or an impeachment–whichever comes first. We just want him to live long enough to serve a long stretch in a federal penitentiary.