A recent segment on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC showcased KKK demonstrations in Jamaica, in the Queens borough of NYC during the 1920s. At one such protest, 1,000 hooded Klansmen marched & in the melee that followed one of those arrested was Fred Trump, father of Donald. Maddow showed his arrest booking sheet on air.

Those who engineered Trump’s dominance in the 2016 election must have vetted him & must have known about his familial ties to American fascism & white supremacy. If Maddow’s investigators could find that out, so could those behind Trump. They don’t just let anyone walk into the presidency. Not that it’s an entirely orchestrated event but it isn’t a free-for-all either. They bet on the wrong ass. He has the amorality but not the intellectual or political capacity to pull off a dramatic shift to the right in US politics. Maybe he’s worth keeping around for a while. Bumbling becomes him & we now know more about how corrupt the US government is than we did before.

(Thanks to Joel Greenberg for the info about Maddow’s show)